hi, I’m lauren - lover of yoga, morning snuggles, and a boy named scofield. 

on any given day, you’ll find me cooking, thrifting, and dreaming of life in the city. i’m constantly seeking out adventure, trying to embrace every moment of this beautiful life. i believe in optimism, kindness, and the power of prayer.

my husband, scofield, and i grew up going to school together, and after 5 years of friendship we finally started dating in 2009. our love was long distance through college, until we finally married in 2012. after the year i spent planning and designing our wedding, i found myself still craving the process of creating the beautiful after it was all said and done. so, to remedy, this blog was born. here you will find bits and pieces of our little life in greenville, sc. and food. lots of food. 

thanks for stopping by! i'm so glad you're here!

p r e s s & f e a t u r e s : 
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